A Few Tips On How To Spice Up Your Home’s Appearance With A Simple Indoor Container Garden

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A Few Tips On How To Spice Up Your Home’s Appearance With A Simple Indoor Container Garden

Gardening is a passion that exists in most of us. The peace, beauty and serenity that plants add to our homes are usually priceless. But! Unlike villages and towns, most people living in urban cities have no outside space where they can plant a garden. They may be dwelling in apartments or high-rise buildings. Some people are unable to venture outdoors probably because of long-standing illnesses, physical disabilities, or just age. Think of the pleasure a garden inside the house would give them! And that’s why having an Indoor Container Garden has become a common household activity.

Why Indoor Container Garden?

If you remember what you learned in science classes, this becomes an easy question to answer. The process of photosynthesis explains that plants breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. With human beings and animals, it is the reverse. We take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide into our surroundings. So, plants kept inside the house serve two purposes – recycling of air inside the house, plus adding beauty to internal surroundings.

How does one go about “Indoor Container Garden”?

Minimal equipment is needed in the form of containers – large, medium, and small. Smaller plants can be arranged on a desk or table, while larger ones can be concealed behind doorways and chairs in corners. The size of the plant has to match its container. Also, supplies required for the plant to grow, have to be researched into before the actual purchase of the indoor plants.

The advantage that indoor plants have over outdoor plants is that some of them can do without light. Dark corners do not affect their growth. But there are also indoor plants which thrive only in bright light. These have to be placed near windows where plenty of sunlight is available.


A word of caution for people with pets – if they love both pets and Indoor Container Gardening, they will have to make sure that no plant proves poisonous for their pet. Who knows, the plant may be poisonous for them too! If there are cats in the house, the slightly taller plants may seem like scratching posts for them. They could even use the containers as litter boxes. So consider all aspects before you make your Indoor Container Garden!

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