Let’s Get That Garage Organized

CGarner January 3, 2018 0
Let’s Get That Garage Organized

Is the weather preventing you from getting outside and doing the things you enjoy?  Take advantage of your indoor time and get ORGANIZED! I know it seems overwhelming and you are feeling a little lazy these days. But, think about all the time you waste looking for things and the money you waste when you end up buying what you can’t find! Being organized can help you find and utilize your things quicker saving you precious time and money. Imagine how much more time you will have to do all those things you enjoy if only you could FIND that picnic basket, fishing/camping equipment, golf clubs, surfboard and those water skis. Where did you put them? Organize once and maintain it with a durable long lasting system/products and you will never have to feel that frustration again. To get organized you will not only need the incentive to organize your chaotically stored items, you will also need some organization tools to facilitate that effort.

Of course, there are a lot of great organizers out there, so you need to do your research and find the one that works best for you. In my search for good organization system for our own cluttered garage area, the FLOW WALL product line caught my eye and even seemed familiar to me.  You see, my husband loves to watch car restoration shows; and I remembered noticing how organized the garage storage areas and work space is. Now, I realized the Flow Wall product line is being used on several of these TV shows where organization is the key to efficiency …and prosperity.  I noted that the host of some of these shows is endorsing the Flow Wall product line for use in garages. Although, this article is primarily focused on organizing garage spaces, you can customize this system and products for many other cluttered areas.

Per it’s advertisement, Flow Wall is the most effective way to organize your garage, laundry room, or tool shed. With the innovative plans and designs, you can create a custom storage space that will help you eliminate clutter, organize your belongings, and easily find what you need. You can purchase cabinets, shelves, and bins separately or get the whole package with lifestyle and starter sets.

Our garage is definitely a ‘sore subject’ in our house. Ever since our move in 2016, we have been throwing away things we thought we would never use again and ‘storing’ massive amount of ‘stuff’ that do not know what to do with yet. That ‘storage’ method has gotten out of hand. When we realized that we could no longer park our cars in the garage and were spending way too much time trying to find things, we decided it was time to take some serious action to put an end to that frustration.  Oh, there are other cluttered storage areas that are equally frustrating; but, we are starting with the garage intending to create a ‘grab and go’ garage storage system for a fun summer and to make our winters easier.

Here is a Garage Make Over video depicting how a this type of transformation can be done. By the way, this was a Flow Wall give away!

TIP: If you are not sure where/how to get started, Flow Wall offers a planning guide that will walk you through the process of identifying your storage needs, measuring your space, and finding the right storage equipment for your needs. They are ready to help you make the most of your space.

Click this link to the Flow Wall Garage Organizers website to get started.

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