About Me

In 2016 my husband and I moved to Idaho from California to get out of the ‘rat race’ and to live a more peaceful simple life in the mountains. Realizing that we were giving up great paying jobs to live on a limited income, we knew life would be challenging. But, we also had confidence in our personal desire, drive, ambition, and business savvy to make a go of it.

We bought a home that needed lots of Tender Loving Care (TLC) and began a long list of DIY home and garden improvement projects. As there is so much to do, we have to closely monitor our tight budget and time. While implementing the simple inexpensive improvement solutions, we realized that others could benefit from our discoveries and lessons learned. I realized that this is an opportunity to continuously share knowledge -something that fits into our new intentional-living life style and decided to ‘make it happen’. As though the powers of the universe saw our need, I received and accepted an offer to build a revenue generating website where I could document our DIY home and garden projects!

I was an active participant of the website build and my logo creation. For the logo, we used my own photography and artwork to create the aesthetic meaning I was looking to convey with the Hibiscus flowers, humming bird, and butterfly. It is exciting to realize that we will be able to touch thousands of people by providing practical home and garden tips that will enrich their lives.


This ‘work’ suits us perfectly! My husband not only has a project management background; but, also has professional landscaping and building expertise. Best of all, he is a great innovator and knows how to get the great look without the great expense. His creative ideas and projects are becoming the foundation for many of my articles. As for me?  Well, I finally get to WRITE about things I really enjoy and that help others! And I get to incorporate my photography and artwork in these DIY articles. This is something that I have longed to do throughout most of my long career; which includes 22 years of U.S. military service and many years of Quality and Process Improvement positions in corporate America.

I hope you enjoy my website and will contribute to its growth. I want to hear from you!  As you read the articles that interest you, please tell me what you think about them by leaving your COMMENTS at the end of the article. Let me know if you found it useful and interesting; or if you would like me to research and post another DIY Home and Garden topic that interests you.  you can also use the article’s COMMENTS feature to tell me what you really think about this website’s appearance, functionality, and content. I love to hear about Home & Garden tips that YOU love; and I will even publish your tip giving you source credit. I read all your comments and will use your insight to continuously improve this website. I look forward to hearing from you!

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I  am incorporating quick and easy “SHOP NOW” links from online merchants related to the DIY projects. Yes, this is the revenue-generating part of the website.  The online merchant advertisers provide me with a very small percentage of their sales -when you click on their advertisements on my website. So, if you are in need of any supplies for your DIY projects, please consider using my website to order them via my advertisers. Oh, and if you have a favorite online merchant, please share with me and I will do my best to get it added.

THANK YOU!  Humbly Yours, Cathy Garner

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